Legal Framework

Act 73 on the technical certification of wind turbines section 9:

The owner of a wind turbine shall be responsible for ensuring that the wind turbine is maintained and serviced on a regular basis for as long as it is in operation. Maintenance and service of the wind turbine shall be performed on the basis of fixed specifications and time intervals for regular service of the turbine pursuant to the certificate issued or service manuals. Furthermore, a wind turbine which has been in operation for longer than its design lifetime, as stated in the manufacturer's documentation or in the certificate issued pursuant to section 5(1) and (2), shall be subject to extended service, cf. Annex 2, point 4. 

For wind turbines with a rotor area of more than 40 m2 , maintenance and service shall be performed by a certified or approved company, cf. section 11 (1), cf. however, subsection (3).

Implementation and Compliance

This means that all wind turbines erected in Denmark and in Danish waters must be maintained according to the manufacturer's' instructions, regardless the size of the wind turbine. There are no exceptions. Additionally, for turbines with a rotor area of more than 40 square metres, the service company must be either certified or approved to perform service on the turbine in question as well as being registered at Energy Agency's Secretariat for the Danish Wind Turbine Certification Scheme and thus appear from the list below. At each service company, contact details as well as a detailed turbine list, indicating which turbine types each company may conduct service on, is included.

The responsibility for using a legitimate company, both in relation to service and relation to repairs, is with the owner, or possibly with a third part representing the owner, for instance an insurance company. Service companies performing service on turbines they are not approved/certified to may, by repeated offences, lead to consequences for the certificate/approval.

Everybody that works inside the turbine must be included in a certificate for maintenance and service, notwithstanding that they are only engaged in other areas such as repairs, alterations or upgrades. This is to ensure that the turbine is stopped and secured in a correct manner before the work commences and that a safety and function test is performed before the turbine is restarted. To legally work in a turbine, a company may choose to:

  • Be certified or approved to perform service on the specific type of turbine which among other things includes training of staff so that they have the necessary competences for handling the turbine safely.
  • Bring an employee from a certified or approved company who ensures that the turbine is stopped and started properly.
  • Conclude a subcontracting agreement with an approved or certified company which subsequently ensures training and education of relevant employees as well as claim responsibility for the work performed inside the turbine. It is in this respect important that the company in question has quality management procedures concerning this particular situation.

Service companies

Below is a list of companies approved and certified to perform service and maintenance on turbines erected in Denmark. It is not legal to use a company not on this list and it is always the owner og the turbine who is responsible for this. These rules also apply to reparations.

...all wind turbines erected in Denmark and in Danish waters must be maintained according to the manufacturer's specifications.
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