Legislative Basis

 BEK73, Bilag 2, stk 1:

The certification of a service company must, as a minimum, provide documentation that the company has adequate experience and expertise within the field of wind turbine maintenance and service and has implemented a quality management system according to DS/EN ISO 9001:2008 or similar.

It must appear from the certificate that the requirements for maintenance and service of this Executive Order have been covered by the certification. Furthermore, a list of the wind turbine types and wind turbine sizes on which the company can perform maintenance and service must be specified in an annex to the certificate.

In connection with the certification, it must be ensured that the company has:

  1. Service manuals for the relevant turbine types, as well as updates that affect the operation of the wind turbine. For existing wind turbines for which no    specifications and service manuals prepared by the manufacturer are available, maintenance and service may be performed on the basis of a service manual prepared by the service company on the basis of the service performed so far on the relevant wind turbine type.
  2. The required tools.
  3. Personnel qualified for the task at hand and according to the service manual.


Implementation and Compliance

Below is listed companies which are accredited to certify service companies. In order to become certified to perform service and maintenance on wind turbines erected in Denmark, please contact one of them. Once the certification is in order and the certificate has been drawn up, the certified company sends a copy of the certificate along with the appurtenant turbine list to EGV which registers the new service company. Simultaneously, EGV asks the The Danish Energy Agencys VE administration to contact the new service company concerning registration of new user so that the company can get access to report service through the Agencys self-service portal.

BEK73, §9, stk. 3 allows for EGV, in certain cases, to approve the owner of a wind turbine to perform service and maintanence on his own turbine. For more information concerning this possibility, please refer to "Owners with self-service". 

Similarly, EGV may, cf. §11, pkt. 4 approve service companies to perform service on stall regulated turbines with a capacity of up to 600kW. For more information, please see "Approval of service companies".


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