Legislative Basis

BEK73, §7:

Wind turbines with a swept area of more than 200 m2 shall be project certified upon installation. Project certification shall, as a minimum, include requirements corresponding to the mandatory modules and requirements for project certification stipulated in European standard DS/EN 61400-22, including specified DS/EN, IEC and ISO standards. If the standards mentioned above contain requirements for safety and health, such requirements shall not be subject to the requirement for certification pursuant to this Executive Order, cf. section 3.

Implementation and Compliance

It is the responsibility of the wind turbine owner that a valid project certificate has been issued and sent to EGV no later than three months after commissioning. Here, the certificate is registered and subsequently shown in the list below. One certificate per owner in a project is issued, ie. there may appear several turbines on the same certificate as long as ownership is identical. If a turbine has several legal entities as owners and they appear on the certificate, only the first appears on this list.