Legislative Basis

BEK73, §5, (3)

Certification as mentioned in subsections (1) and (2) shall also include a source noise measurement pursuant to the current Executive Order on noise from wind turbines.

Guidance on BEK73, §5, (3)

The Executive Order on noise from wind turbines, Executive Order no. 1284 of 15 December 2011, and the related guidance document, Guidance no. 9214 of 16 May 2012, apply to the establishment, modification and operation of wind turbines. The Executive Order contains instructions concerning measuring the source-noise strength of the wind turbine, as well as determining low frequency noise.

The approach described (section 1.1, Annex 1, of Executive Order no. 1284 of 15 December 2011) generally complies with IEC 61400-11, and measurements performed pursuant to the standard can serve as the basis for determination of the sound power level. The same measurement data are used for the 1/3-octave spectrum noise down to 20 (preferably 10) Hz to determine low-frequency noise. Source noise is measured in connection with type certification and is used when calculating the distribution of noise in connection with project certification.
Usually, only calculated values are available for the sound power level of wind turbines erected on the basis of a prototype certificate. Here, estimates by the manufacturer are used until actual measurements are available.

Implementation and Compliance

Noise measurements/noise calculations performed as a basis for the authorities’ management decisions under the Environmental Protection Act, and regulations established under this Act shall be performed as “Environmental Measurement – external noise” in one of the listed laboratories. Noise measurements that are not labeled “Environmental  Measurement – external noise”, or that are carried out by a laboratory not listed are informative measurements. By explorative noise measurement is meant a measurement that is suitable to determine whether it is reasonably justified to require an “Environmental Measurement – external noise”.

Basically, EGV is not involved in noise from wind turbines besides source noise measurement which is part of the type certification. The area is regulated by the noise ordinance, which is part of the Environmental Protection Agency and regulated by the municipalities. Therefore, the municipality should be contacted in case of noise from a wind turbine.

However, there are cases where it is suspected that alterations, damages, poor maintenance of the turbine, etc., are causing the problems and here EGV may help the municipalities identifying and solving the problems.